Commit e70fc030 authored by Matt Harbison's avatar Matt Harbison

updatecheck: handle release candidate version strings in the app

This reverts e255f1731274 now that 47386871c8b9 is converting the value from the
website to a form that handles rc0 builds.  After building and running 5.6rc0,
it checked for updates and thought 5.5.2 was newer.

The original impetus for e255f1731274 was that a normalized local version of
`5.5+10` looked like it was newer than a non-normalized `5.5.2`, due to the
3rd component being multiplied by 10000 when there's a `+` or `rc` in the
version.  There's still an issue when comparing _build_package_version() values
because multiplying the periodic component is conditional.  This will cause
incorrect comparisions when running from source with local changes, committed or
otherwise.  But it looks like this will work for official release packages.

branch : stable
parent 5f2fe9b055fb
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......@@ -130,9 +130,7 @@ class Checker(QObject):
# Convert to a version string that accounts for rc builds.
pkg_version = version._build_package_version('stable', newverstr)
newver = tuple([int(p) for p in pkg_version.split('.')])
thgv = version.version()
if '+' in thgv:
thgv = thgv[:thgv.index('+')]
thgv = version.package_version()
curver = tuple([int(p) for p in thgv.split('.')])
except ValueError:
curver = (0, 0, 0)
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