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    • Matt Harbison's avatar
      amend: don't hide removed files when amending a commit that added them · 2aa7eb4fcd18
      Matt Harbison authored
      The simplest case is to commit a file, rename it, and then try to amend it.
      Previously, the removed file was hidden, and the added file was not selected.
      If amended at that point, it did something weird where the amend succeeded (even
      though all files were excluded with `--exclude /path/to/repo` and the message
      didn't change), any content changes in the file were NOT picked up by the new
      commit, and the output of the command said:
          % hg commit --verbose "--message=commit src" --amend --exclude "C:\Users\Matt\projects\test" --
          amending changeset 0e6721740d8d
          copying changeset 0e6721740d8d to d76f533dd335
          committing files:
          committing manifest
          committing changelog
          committing files:
          committing manifest
          committing changelog
          committed changeset 19:fe0197ce7354
          [command completed successfully Sun May 31 20:26:09 2020]
      Now both are selected by default, so content changes are applied and the rename
      takes place.  (There is no copy record, because this is ultimately just an add
      with a different name.)
      The extra status call is unfortunate, but I don't see any other way to deal with
      this.  Anything changed in wdir should be in the list of files being passed to
      the command.  This slipped through the cracks, and was missed with a similar
      change in 0bc65a11f482.  That change seems to handle the reverse where a file is
      removed, committed, reverted back to added, and then amended.
      branch : stable
    • Matt Harbison's avatar
      amend: don't exclude removed files by default from the status filter · 496926f61a04
      Matt Harbison authored
      This was special cased in b64381bf9057, but I suspect that it should have only
      excluded '!' status files.  By not selecting removed files, they don't get
      passed to the amend command, and then `hg mv` operations are converted to
      `hg cp` with an uncommitted removed file by default.
      I also tried amending with  a '!' file, but then got a prompt to remove the
      file, with the only options being to accept or cancel.  So it seems like the
      handling around this error has shifted past the usefulness of this check anyway.
      There's a separate (but related) problem with rename + amend in that the removed
      file is missed by the status call, so it isn't put into the list of files
      filtered through this check.  That will be fixed next.  But since the original
      code stated it fixed a bug, it seemed worth changing this in isolation.
      branch : stable
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    • Sergey Orlov's avatar
      py3: fix shelve dialog · 6de420f27d41
      Sergey Orlov authored
      When open shelve dialog and shelve patch already exists
      mercurial.error.ProgrammingError: unsupported changeid '/.../.hg/shelves/patch' of type <class 'bytes'>
      branch : stable
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