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Commit 38731fb4 authored by aivan_2008's avatar aivan_2008
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1. Implemented usage of storage mount point in the Deployer

2. Implemented secondary project deployment branch for NeuralInterfaces

branch : NeuralInterfacesDebug
parent 3987a860ed13
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......@@ -111,6 +111,12 @@ enum DatabaseTaskStatus
enum TemplateType
class RDK_LIB_TYPE UProjectDeployProcessingThread: public QThread
......@@ -124,6 +130,7 @@ public:
void SetDatabasePath(const QString& path);
void SetDownloadTempPath(const QString& path);
void SetFtpRemoteBasePath(const QString& path);
void SetStorageMountPath(const QString& path);
void SetDeploymentState(const DeploymentState& state);
void SetDeploymentProgress(const int &progress);
void SetDeploymentProgressCap(const int &value);
......@@ -154,12 +161,19 @@ private:
bool UnpackZipFolder(const QString &local_zip_folder, const QString& local_dst_folder);
bool UnpackZipFile(const QString &local_zip_folder, const QString& local_dst_folder);
bool RecursiveCopyFiles(const QString& src_dir_path, const QString& dst_dir_path);
void DeployTemplate();
void DeployTemplate2();
void DeployDirectory(const QString& file_with_template);
bool VerifyTemplate();
void DeployScript2();
void DeployScript();
bool VerifyScript();
void DeployWeights2();
void DeployWeights();
bool VerifyWeights();
void DeployData2();
void DeployData();
bool VerifyData();
......@@ -171,6 +185,7 @@ private:
QString databasePath;
QString ftpRemoteBasePath;
QString downloadTempPath;
QString storageMountPath;
bool template_dr, weights_dr, script_dr, videosource_dr;
int videosource_type;
......@@ -182,7 +197,7 @@ private:
QProcess zip_process;
std::string lastError;
QString lastError;
CURL *curl;
CURLcode res;
......@@ -210,15 +225,21 @@ public:
void SetRemoteFtpPath(const QString& ftp_path);
QString GetRemoteFtpPath();
void SetRemoteStoragePath(const QString& strg_path);
QString GetRemoteStoragePath();
QString GetLastError();
DeploymentState GetUploadState();
bool CopyResultsToDestinationDir();
bool ZipResults();
bool UploadResultsViaFtp();
bool RecursiveCopyFiles(const QString& src_dir_path, const QString& dts_dir_path);
bool CopyResultsToDestinationDir();
bool CopyResultsToRemoteStorageDir();
bool RecursiveCopyFiles(const QString& src_dir_path, const QString& dst_dir_path);
private slots:
void processReadyReadStandardError();
......@@ -229,6 +250,7 @@ private:
QString storageResultsDir;
QString databasePath;
QString remoteFtpPath;
QString remoteStoragePath;
QString lastError;
DeploymentState uploadState;
......@@ -339,12 +361,17 @@ std::map<std::string, CaptureLibDescr> capture_tags;
std::string capture_class_name;
std::string capture_component_name;
std::string predictor_class_name;
std::string predictor_component_name;
QDateTime processing_start_datetime;
QDateTime processing_end_datetime;
UProjectResultsUploadingThread *projectResultsUploadingThread;
TemplateType template_type;
......@@ -390,6 +417,11 @@ virtual int GetCalculationState();
/// @state -
/// @frame_id -
virtual bool GetCaptureState(int &state, unsigned long long& frame_id, unsigned long long& max_frame_id);
bool GetCaptureStateVideoAnalysis(int &state, unsigned long long& frame_id, unsigned long long& max_frame_id);
bool GetCaptureStateNeuralInterface(int &state, unsigned long long& frame_id, unsigned long long& max_frame_id);
/// false , true
/// @error -
......@@ -429,6 +461,12 @@ int CopyProjectToTempFolder();
int OpenProjectMockMode();
int SetupProjectMockParameters();
/// (, , )
int SetupProjectMockParametersVideoAnalysis();
/// , .. -.
int SetupProjectMockParametersNeuralInterface();
int CloseMockProject();
......@@ -449,7 +449,9 @@ const char* URpcDecoderCommon::RemoteCall(const char *request, int &return_value
std::string resp="";
std::cerr<<"Open prepared project!\n";
int rs = GetApplication()->GetProjectDeployer()->OpenPreparedProject(resp);
std::cerr<<"Project opened successful!\n";
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