Commit 1a56aea7 authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David 🐙

merge: respect parents order when using `graft` on a merge

The previous code did not record the index of the replaced parent. It was always
using the "graft" destination as `p1`. This could switch parents order in some
situation (eg: some of the evolve evolving merge case). Recording and using the
information fixes the issue in evolve.

We are not aware of core commands calling graft in that fashion, so we could not
build a simple test case for it using core commands.

branch : stable
parent 344a086bb764
......@@ -2249,17 +2249,23 @@ def graft(repo, ctx, pctx, labels=None, keepparent=False,
mergeancestor=mergeancestor, labels=labels)
potherp1 = False
if keepconflictparent and stats.unresolvedcount:
pother = ctx.node()
pother = nullid
parents = ctx.parents()
if keepparent and len(parents) == 2 and pctx in parents:
if pctx == parents[0]:
potherp1 = True
pother = parents[0].node()
with repo.dirstate.parentchange():
repo.setparents(repo['.'].node(), pother)
if potherp1:
repo.setparents(pother, repo['.'].node())
repo.setparents(repo['.'].node(), pother)
# fix up dirstate for copies and renames
copies.duplicatecopies(repo, repo[None], ctx.rev(), pctx.rev())
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