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Commit 31c42439 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk

templates: define a {onelinesummary} keyword

It is sometimes useful to be able to use the configured
`command-template.oneline-summary` in higher-level templates. For
example, I would like to use it in an internal template that lists
commits in a "review unit" (kind of a pull request). This patch adds
support for that.

We may want to define a way of formatting a context using a
command-specific override (from
`command-templates.oneline-summary.<command>`), but that will have to
be a template function instead. I don't plan to do that, but I'm
mentioning it now in case reviewers would prefer that we use a no-arg
function (i.e. `{onelinesummary()}`) already today to prepare for

Differential Revision:
parent 774b1c0f2507
......@@ -634,6 +634,19 @@ def showobsolete(context, mapping):
return b''
@templatekeyword(b'onelinesummary', requires={b'ui', b'ctx'})
def showonelinesummary(context, mapping):
"""String. A one-line summary for the ctx (not including trailing newline).
The default template be overridden in command-templates.oneline-summary."""
# Avoid cycle:
# mercurial.cmdutil -> mercurial.templatekw -> mercurial.cmdutil
from . import cmdutil
ui = context.resource(mapping, b'ui')
ctx = context.resource(mapping, b'ctx')
return cmdutil.format_changeset_summary(ui, ctx)
@templatekeyword(b'path', requires={b'fctx'})
def showpath(context, mapping):
"""String. Repository-absolute path of the current file. (EXPERIMENTAL)"""
......@@ -114,6 +114,30 @@ Check that {phase} works correctly on parents:
o 0 (public): -1 (public) -1 (public)
Test {onelinesummary}
$ hg log -G -T '{onelinesummary}'
@ 8:95c24699272e tip "third"
o 7:29114dbae42b "second"
o 6:d41e714fe50d "merge"
| o 5:13207e5a10d9 "new head"
| |
o | 4:bbe44766e73d "new branch"
o 3:10e46f2dcbf4 "no user, no domain"
o 2:97054abb4ab8 "no person"
o 1:b608e9d1a3f0 "other 1"
o 0:1e4e1b8f71e0 "line 1"
$ hg log -T '{onelinesummary}' -r 0 \
> --config command-templates.oneline-summary='{rev} - {desc}'
0 - line 1 (no-eol)
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