Commit 9145c58a authored by Pulkit Goyal's avatar Pulkit Goyal
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py3: handle opts correctly for `hg add`

opts in add command were passed again to cmdutil.add() as kwargs so we need
to convert them again to str. Intstead we convert them to bytes when passing
scmutil.match(). Opts handling is also corrected for all the functions which
are called from cmdutil.add().
parent e807c373846a
......@@ -2279,7 +2279,7 @@ def add(ui, repo, match, prefix, explicitonly, **opts):
sub = wctx.sub(subpath)
submatch = matchmod.subdirmatcher(subpath, match)
if opts.get('subrepos'):
if opts.get(r'subrepos'):
bad.extend(sub.add(ui, submatch, prefix, False, **opts))
bad.extend(sub.add(ui, submatch, prefix, True, **opts))
......@@ -2287,7 +2287,7 @@ def add(ui, repo, match, prefix, explicitonly, **opts):
ui.status(_("skipping missing subrepository: %s\n")
% join(subpath))
if not opts.get('dry_run'):
if not opts.get(r'dry_run'):
rejected = wctx.add(names, prefix)
bad.extend(f for f in rejected if f in match.files())
return bad
......@@ -255,8 +255,7 @@ def add(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
Returns 0 if all files are successfully added.
opts = pycompat.byteskwargs(opts)
m = scmutil.match(repo[None], pats, opts)
m = scmutil.match(repo[None], pats, pycompat.byteskwargs(opts))
rejected = cmdutil.add(ui, repo, m, "", False, **opts)
return rejected and 1 or 0
......@@ -1771,7 +1771,7 @@ class gitsubrepo(abstractsubrepo):
if exact:
if not opts.get('dry_run'):
if not opts.get(r'dry_run'):
self._gitcommand(command + [f])
for f in rejected:
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