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Commit e25779c9 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk

help: document the new [command-templates] config section

Differential Revision:
parent d7a508a75d72
......@@ -2568,6 +2568,14 @@ Templates used for customizing the output of commands.
Can be overridden per-merge-tool, see the ``[merge-tools]`` section.
A template used by `hg rebase` and other commands for showing a one-line
summary of a commit. If the template configured here is longer than one
line, then only the first line is used.
The template can be overridden per command by defining a template in
`oneline-summary.<command>`, where `<command>` can be e.g. "rebase".
A template that is printed before executing an external merge tool. This can
be used to print out additional context that might be useful to have during
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