Commit f121c068 authored by Raphaël Gomès's avatar Raphaël Gomès

rust-dirstatemap: add missing @propertycache

While investigating a regression on `hg update` performance introduced by the
Rust `dirstatemap`, two missing `@propertycache` were identified when comparing
against the Python implementation. This adds back the first one, that has
no observable impact on behavior. The second one (`nonnormalset`) is going to
be more involved, as the caching has to be done from the Rust side of things.

Differential Revision:

branch : stable
parent cb52e619c99e
......@@ -1849,7 +1849,7 @@ if rustmod is not None:
nonnorm, otherparents = self._rustmap.nonnormalentries()
return nonnorm
def otherparentset(self):
nonnorm, otherparents = self._rustmap.nonnormalentries()
return otherparents
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