1. 02 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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  9. 22 Nov, 2009 1 commit
    • Thomas Arendsen Hein's avatar
      Do not overwrite motd attribute of hgwebdir instances on refresh. · 5d748045c2ae
      Thomas Arendsen Hein authored
      This allows using
      application = hgwebdir(...)
      application.motd = (string or object with __str__ method)
      in WSGI (like it is possible in CGI).
      Changed web.motd in the config file is still read with this, because
      hgwebdir.templater.motd() does not store the config value.
      branch : stable
  10. 19 Nov, 2009 2 commits
    • Nicolas Dumazet's avatar
      inotify: improve error messages · 8939900073a8
      Nicolas Dumazet authored
      * prefix messages by inotify-(client|server)
      * make sure that all warning and abort messages use the same format.
      * in the case where inotify.sock is an old broken symlink, say so and abort
        instead of trying to overwrite the already existing link
      branch : stable
    • Greg Ward's avatar
      run-tests: give each child its own tmp dir (issue1911) · be574a37a8ae
      Greg Ward authored
      Fixes bug introduced by f8b4df4b033d (issue1911: --tmpdir plus parallel
      mode = fail), and also fixes the long-standing quirk that parallel mode
      created multiple /tmp/hgtests.XXXXXX directories.  Now there is only one
      /tmp/hgtests.XXXXXX, with child0, child1, etc. under it.
      branch : stable
  11. 17 Nov, 2009 2 commits
    • Nicolas Dumazet's avatar
      inotify: add a inotify.pidfile configuration possibility · 97eda2133a9b
      Nicolas Dumazet authored
      This will mainly help us in our tests to log pids of inotify servers
      started implicitely, to make sure that unkilled inotify daemons do not clutter
      the output of unrelated tests.
      Also desactivate the workaround introduced in 951ec6c7d703
      branch : stable
    • Nicolas Dumazet's avatar
      cmdutil.service: do not _exit(0) in the parent process · 2c2f7593ffc4
      Nicolas Dumazet authored
      The fact that a parent process spawns a daemon does not necessarily means that
      it is the only think it has to do. This was forcing since 7c01599dd340 inotify
      processes launched implicitely to exit prematurely:
      when no inotify server was running, "hg st" for example would only launch a
      inotify server, _exit(0) and thus would not return file statuses.
      This changeset adds a test for implicitely launched inotify processes.
      Change to output of test-inotify-1208 is correct: it reflects the normal
      error message of "hg st" when not dying during "hg inserve" daemon creation.
      branch : stable
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