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    • Manuel Jacob's avatar
      windows: don’t set `softspace` attribute in `winstdout` · ed58ecd59030
      Manuel Jacob authored
      Python 2 file objects have the `softspace` attribute
      (, which is used
      by the print statement to track its internal state. The documentation demands
      from file-like objects only that the attribute is writable and initialized to
      0. Method `file.write()` sets it to 0, but this is not documented.
      Historically, sys.stdout was replaced by an instance of the `winstdout` class,
      so it needed to behave exactly the same (the softspace fix was introduced in
      705278e70457). Nowadays we don’t replace sys.stdout and don’t use the print
      statement on `winstdout` instances, so we can safely drop it.
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    • Manuel Jacob's avatar
      archival: abort if compression method is unavailable · 2c0043977b6d
      Manuel Jacob authored
      `tarfile.CompressionError` is documented to be the "exception for unavailable
      compression methods".
      Also, make tests conditional on whether the lzma module is available or not.
      branch : stable
    • Manuel Jacob's avatar
      demandimport: ignore `lzma` module for demandimport · 40120de810ba
      Manuel Jacob authored
      This makes importing the module fail if the `_lzma` module is not present.
      This makes e.g. tarfile correctly recognize if LZMA support is not present. It
      changes the exception
          File "/usr/lib/python3.6/", line 1694, in xzopen
            fileobj = lzma.LZMAFile(fileobj or name, mode, preset=preset)
        AttributeError: module 'lzma' has no attribute 'LZMAFile'
      to the more correct exception
          File "/usr/lib/python3.6/", line 1692, in xzopen
            raise CompressionError("lzma module is not available")
        tarfile.CompressionError: lzma module is not available
      Also, it prevents that the error "abort: No module named '_lzma'!" is shown when
      a development warning is to be shown. The reason why that happened is that for
      showing the warning, we get information about the stack frames from the inspect
      module, which accesses the `__file__` attribute of all modules in `sys.modules`
      to build some cache, causing all modules (including `lzma`) to be...
  16. 03 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Manuel Jacob's avatar
      py3: fix crash when server address is (issue6362) · b1a1702262c9
      Manuel Jacob authored
      `socket.getfqdn()` assumes that the name is passed as `str` on Python 3 and
      always returns `str` in this case. Mercurial passed `bytes` (but still expected
      a `str` result), which worked by chance in many cases, except for e.g.
      b'', which was returned unchanged, breaking later code.
      Instead of calling `socket.getfqdn()`, we can also use `self.server_name` from
      the base `HTTPServer` class, which already stores the FQDN of the locally-bound
      socket name (see `` in the Python 2 stdlib and
      `http/` in the Python 3 stdlib).
      branch : stable
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