Commit e80da7a6326 by Augie Fackler

tags: fix some type confusion exposed in python 3

# skip-blame just b-prefix and %-format cleanup, no meaningful change

Differential Revision:
parent cd43cae79f2
......@@ -3498,8 +3498,8 @@ def debugtagscache(ui, repo):
for r in repo:
node = repo[r].node()
tagsnode = cache.getfnode(node, computemissing=False)
tagsnodedisplay = hex(tagsnode) if tagsnode else 'missing/invalid'
ui.write(b'%s %s %s\n' % (r, hex(node), tagsnodedisplay))
tagsnodedisplay = hex(tagsnode) if tagsnode else b'missing/invalid'
ui.write(b'%d %s %s\n' % (r, hex(node), tagsnodedisplay))
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