Commit 496868f1030 by Raphaël Gomès

rust-matchers: use the `regex` crate

Instead of falling back to Python when a code path with "ignore" functionality
is reached and `Re2` is not installed, the default compilation (i.e. without
the `with-re2` feature) will use the `regex` crate for all regular expressions

As with the introduction of `Re2` in a previous series, this yields a big
performance boost compared to the Python + C code in `status`, `diff`, `commit`,
`update`, and maybe others.

For now `Re2` looks to be faster at compiling the DFA (1.5ms vs 5ms for
Netbeans' `.hgignore`) and a bit faster in actual use: (123ms vs 137ms for
the parallel traversal of Netbeans' clean repo). I am in talks with the author
of `regex` to see whether that performance difference is a bug, a "won't fix",
or a tuning issue.

The `regex` crate is already one of our dependencies and using this code does
not require any additional work from the end-user than to use the Rust

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