Commit 78721bbdb2a by Pierre-Yves David

nodemap: code to parse the persistent binary nodemap data

We now have code to read back what we persisted. This will be put to use in
later changesets.

Differential Revision:
parent 55b12f2593c
......@@ -310,3 +310,30 @@ def _to_value(item, block_map):
return block_map[id(item)]
return _transform_rev(item)
def parse_data(data):
"""parse parse nodemap data into a nodemap Trie"""
if (len(data) % S_BLOCK.size) != 0:
msg = "nodemap data size is not a multiple of block size (%d): %d"
raise error.Abort(msg % (S_BLOCK.size, len(data)))
if not data:
return Block()
block_map = {}
new_blocks = []
for i in range(0, len(data), S_BLOCK.size):
block = Block()
ondisk_id = len(block_map)
block_map[ondisk_id] = block
block_data = data[i : i + S_BLOCK.size]
values = S_BLOCK.unpack(block_data)
new_blocks.append((block, values))
for b, values in new_blocks:
for idx, v in enumerate(values):
if v == NO_ENTRY:
elif v >= 0:
b[idx] = block_map[v]
b[idx] = _transform_rev(v)
return block
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