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Commit 59210ff7 authored by CharlieC's avatar CharlieC
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Correct definition of Title class: txPr should be RichText and not RichTextProperties.

branch : 2.5
parent 30c0736ee2c6
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ class RichText(Serialisable):
bodyPr = Typed(expected_type=RichTextProperties)
properties = Alias("bodyPr")
lstStyle = Typed(expected_type=ListStyle, allow_none=True)
p = Sequence(expected_type=Paragraph, allow_none=True)
p = Sequence(expected_type=Paragraph)
paragraphs = Alias('p')
__elements__ = ("bodyPr", "lstStyle", "p")
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.excel import ExtensionList
from openpyxl.descriptors.nested import NestedBool
from .text import Text, RichTextProperties
from .text import Text, RichText
from .layout import Layout
from .shapes import GraphicalProperties
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ class Title(Serialisable):
overlay = NestedBool(allow_none=True)
spPr = Typed(expected_type=GraphicalProperties, allow_none=True)
graphicalProperties = Alias('spPr')
txPr = Typed(expected_type=RichTextProperties, allow_none=True)
txPr = Typed(expected_type=RichText, allow_none=True)
body = Alias('txPr')
extLst = Typed(expected_type=ExtensionList, allow_none=True)
......@@ -164,10 +164,10 @@ class CharacterProperties(Serialisable):
uFillTx = EmptyTag()
uFill = EmptyTag()
__elements__ = ('ln', 'highlight', 'latin', 'ea', 'cs', 'sym',
'hlinkClick', 'hlinkMouseOver', 'rtl', 'noFill', 'solidFill', 'gradFill',
'blipFill', 'pattFill', 'grpFill', 'effectLst', 'effectDag', 'uLnTx',
'uLn', 'uFillTx', 'uFill')
__elements__ = ('ln', 'noFill', 'solidFill', 'gradFill', 'blipFill',
'pattFill', 'grpFill', 'effectLst', 'effectDag', 'highlight','uLnTx',
'uLn', 'uFillTx', 'uFill', 'latin', 'ea', 'cs', 'sym', 'hlinkClick',
'hlinkMouseOver', 'rtl', )
def __init__(self,
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