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Commit a9c47eea authored by CharlieC's avatar CharlieC
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Let the plot area manage the axes. Still need to special case scatter charts.

branch : 2.5
parent 103c0e97084b
......@@ -23,27 +23,13 @@ def read_chart(chartspace):
cs = chartspace
plot = cs.chart.plotArea
for t in _types:
charts = getattr(plot, t, None)
if charts is not None:
chart = charts[0]
chart._charts = charts
chart = plot._charts[0]
chart._charts = plot._charts
chart.title = cs.chart.title
chart.layout = plot.layout
chart.legend = cs.chart.legend
for x in _axes:
ax = getattr(plot, x)
if ax:
if x == 'valAx':
chart.y_axis = ax[0]
elif x == 'serAx':
chart.z_axis = ax[0]
chart.x_axis = ax[0]
return chart
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