Commit df7047af authored by CharlieC's avatar CharlieC
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Add additional test case for multiple formatting rules.

Resolves #1186

branch : 2.6
parent 0229de51507c
......@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ class WorksheetReader(object):
for rule in cf.rules:
if rule.dxfId is not None:
rule.dxf =[rule.dxfId][cf] = rule[cf] = rule
def bind_tables(self):
......@@ -401,6 +401,14 @@
<conditionalFormatting sqref="T1:T10">
<cfRule type="top10" dxfId="2" priority="11" bottom="1" rank="4"/>
<conditionalFormatting sqref="A1">
<cfRule type="expression" dxfId="3" priority="2">
<cfRule type="expression" dxfId="2" priority="1">
<hyperlink ref="B4:B7" location="'STP nn000TL-10, PKG 2.52'!A1" display="STP 10000TL-10"/>
<hyperlink display="" r:id="rId1" ref="A1"/>
......@@ -745,7 +745,9 @@ class TestWorksheetReader:
assert ws.conditional_formatting['T1:T10'][-1].dxf == DifferentialStyle()
fmts = ws.conditional_formatting
assert fmts['T1:T10'][-1].dxf == DifferentialStyle()
assert len(fmts['A1']) == 2
def test_merged(self, PrimedWorksheetReader):
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