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Document ffi.new_allocator()

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......@@ -820,6 +820,28 @@ by ``ffi.dlopen()``.
**ffi.RLTD_...**: constants: flags for ``ffi.dlopen()``.
.. _`alternative allocators`:
**ffi.new_allocator(alloc=None, free=None, should_clear_after_alloc=True)**:
returns a new allocator. An "allocator" is a callable that behaves like
```` but uses the provided low-level ``alloc`` and ``free``
functions. *New in version 1.2.*
.. "versionadded:: 1.2" --- inlined in the previous paragraph
``alloc()`` is invoked with the size as sole argument. If it returns
NULL, a MemoryError is raised. Later, if ``free`` is not None, it will
be called with the result of ``alloc()`` as argument. Both can be either
Python function or directly C functions. If only ``free`` is None, then no
free function is called. If both ``alloc`` and ``free`` are None, the
default alloc/free combination is used. (In other words, the call
``*args)`` is equivalent to ``ffi.new_allocator()(*args)``.)
If ``should_clear_after_alloc`` is set to False, then the memory
returned by ``alloc()`` is assumed to be already cleared (or you are
fine with garbage); otherwise CFFI will clear it.
.. _`Preparing and Distributing modules`: cdef.html#loading-libraries
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ What's New
only for NULL: if you dereference random or dead pointers you might
still get segfaults.
* Issue #152: callbacks: added an argument ``ffi.callback(...,
* Issue #152: callbacks__: added an argument ``ffi.callback(...,
onerror=...)``. If the main callback function raises an exception
and ``onerror`` is provided, then ``onerror(exception, exc_value,
traceback)`` is called. This is similar to writing a ``try:
......@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@ What's New
signal) an exception can occur at the very start of the callback
function---before it had time to enter the ``try: except:`` block.
* Issue #115: added ``ffi.new_allocator()``, which officializes
support for `alternative allocators`__.
.. __: using.html#callbacks
.. __: using.html#alternative-allocators
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