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Expand the explanation of the hack

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......@@ -534,9 +534,14 @@ callback object too early, when it is still in use.
``onerror`` itself fails---then the value of ``error`` will be
used, if any.
Note the following hack: in ``onerror``, you can access some of the
original callback arguments by attempting to read
Note the following hack: in ``onerror``, you can access the original
callback arguments as follows. First check if ``traceback`` is not
None (it is None e.g. if the whole function ran successfully but
there was an error converting the value returned: this occurs after
the call). If ``traceback`` is not None, then ``traceback.tb_frame``
is the frame of the outermost function, i.e. directly the one invoked
by the callback handler. So you can get the value of ``argname`` in
that frame by reading ``traceback.tb_frame.f_locals['argname']``.
FFI Interface
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