Commit dd2ac377cad by Matti Picus

add a branch for VS2019 (version 150)

branch : win32_150
parent 53dc49bfb24
Reproducing the binaries here
These binaries were produced with VS 14.0, i.e. Visual Studio 2017
These binaries were produced with VS 14.0, i.e., Visual Studio 2017, but
work with VS 15.0 i.e., Visual Studio 2019
The Boehm garbage collector
......@@ -30,14 +31,15 @@ You may want to disable this with the following patch::
# else
GC_err_printf("%s\n", msg);
For VS14 I needed to comment out the `define abs` on line 1245 in
For VS14+ I needed to comment out the `define abs` on line 1245 in
Then open a "Developer Command Prompt"::
cd gc-7.1
copy Release\gc.dll <somewhere in the PATH>
copy Release\gc.dll externals\bin
copy Release\gc.lib externals\lib
The zlib compression library
......@@ -104,40 +106,6 @@ Then compile all the ``*.c`` file into ``*.obj``::
rem for debug
cl.exe /nologo /MD /O0 /Ob0 /Zi *c /c
You may need to move some variable declarations to the beginning of the
function, to be compliant with C89 standard. Here is the diff for version 2.2.4
.. code-block:: diff
diff --git a/expat/lib/xmltok.c b/expat/lib/xmltok.c
index 007aed0..a2dcaad 100644
--- a/expat/lib/xmltok.c
+++ b/expat/lib/xmltok.c
@@ -399,19 +399,21 @@ utf8_toUtf8(const ENCODING *UNUSED_P(enc),
/* Avoid copying partial characters (due to limited space). */
const ptrdiff_t bytesAvailable = fromLim - *fromP;
const ptrdiff_t bytesStorable = toLim - *toP;
+ const char * fromLimBefore;
+ ptrdiff_t bytesToCopy;
if (bytesAvailable > bytesStorable) {
fromLim = *fromP + bytesStorable;
output_exhausted = true;
/* Avoid copying partial characters (from incomplete input). */
- const char * const fromLimBefore = fromLim;
+ fromLimBefore = fromLim;
align_limit_to_full_utf8_characters(*fromP, &fromLim);
if (fromLim < fromLimBefore) {
input_incomplete = true;
- const ptrdiff_t bytesToCopy = fromLim - *fromP;
+ bytesToCopy = fromLim - *fromP;
memcpy((void *)*toP, (const void *)*fromP, (size_t)bytesToCopy);
*fromP += bytesToCopy;
*toP += bytesToCopy;
Create ``libexpat.lib`` (for translation) and ``libexpat.dll`` (for tests)::
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