Commit 061e5c3b9d3 by Armin Rigo

Fix leave date for Omer

branch : extradoc
parent 1a160dc84ae
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ available yet from them.
==================== ============== =======================
Armin Rigo private
Antonio Cuni Feb 28-Mar 5 Les Airelles (own room)
Omer Katz Mar 3-Mar 9/10 Les Airelles, big room
Omer Katz Mar 3-Mar 8 Les Airelles, big room
Manuel Jacob Feb 29–Mar 8 Les Airelles, big room
Simon Cross Feb 27-Mar 6 Les Airelles, bringing partner
Ronan Lamy Feb 29-Mar 8 Les Airelles, big room
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