Commit 0cf45782 authored by Matti Picus's avatar Matti Picus
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rewrite _array_from_buffer_3118 without explicit W_MemeoryView (arigato)

branch : buffer-interface
parent 73e7b767d5f7
......@@ -460,6 +460,9 @@ class DictObject(W_Root):
def getdictvalue(self, space, key):
return self.items[key]
def descr_memoryview(self, space, buf):
raise oefmt(space.w_TypeError, "error")
class IterDictObject(W_Root):
def __init__(self, space, w_dict): = space
from pypy.interpreter.error import OperationError, oefmt
from pypy.interpreter.baseobjspace import BufferInterfaceNotFound
from pypy.interpreter.gateway import unwrap_spec, WrappedDefault
from rpython.rlib.buffer import SubBuffer
from rpython.rlib.rstring import strip_spaces
......@@ -11,7 +12,6 @@ from pypy.module.micronumpy.base import (wrap_impl,
from pypy.module.micronumpy.converters import shape_converter, order_converter
import pypy.module.micronumpy.constants as NPY
from .casting import scalar2dtype
from pypy.objspace.std.memoryobject import W_MemoryView
def build_scalar(space, w_dtype, w_state):
......@@ -123,16 +123,23 @@ def _descriptor_from_pep3118_format(space, c_format):
return None
def _array_from_buffer_3118(space, w_object, dtype):
buf = w_object.buf
if buf.getformat():
descr = _descriptor_from_pep3118_format(space, buf.getformat())
w_buf = space.call_method(space.builtin, "memoryview", w_object)
except OperationError as e:
if e.match(space, space.w_TypeError):
# object does not have buffer interface
return w_object
format = space.getattr(w_buf,space.newbytes('format'))
if format:
descr = _descriptor_from_pep3118_format(space, space.str_w(format))
if not descr:
return w_object
if dtype and descr:
raise oefmt(space.w_NotImplementedError,
"creating an array from a memoryview while specifying dtype "
"not supported")
if descr.elsize != buf.getitemsize():
if descr.elsize != space.int_w(space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('itemsize'))):
msg = ("Item size computed from the PEP 3118 buffer format "
"string does not match the actual item size.")
space.warn(space.wrap(msg), space.w_RuntimeWarning)
......@@ -140,14 +147,17 @@ def _array_from_buffer_3118(space, w_object, dtype):
dtype = descr
elif not dtype:
dtype = descriptor.get_dtype_cache(space).w_stringdtype
dtype.elsize = buf.getitemsize()
nd = buf.getndim()
shape = buf.getshape()
dtype.elsize = space.int_w(space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('itemsize')))
nd = space.int_w(space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('ndim')))
shape = [space.int_w(d) for d in space.listview(
space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('shape')))]
strides = []
buflen = space.len_w(w_buf) * dtype.elsize
if shape:
strides = buf.getstrides()
strides = [space.int_w(d) for d in space.listview(
space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('strides')))]
if not strides:
d = len(buf)
d = buflen
strides = [0] * nd
for k in range(nd):
if shape[k] > 0:
......@@ -155,17 +165,23 @@ def _array_from_buffer_3118(space, w_object, dtype):
strides[k] = d
if nd == 1:
shape = [len(buf) / dtype.elsize, ]
shape = [buflen / dtype.elsize, ]
strides = [dtype.elsize, ]
elif nd > 1:
msg = ("ndim computed from the PEP 3118 buffer format "
"is greater than 1, but shape is NULL.")
space.warn(space.wrap(msg), space.w_RuntimeWarning)
return w_object
storage = buf.get_raw_address()
writable = not buf.readonly
w_ret = W_NDimArray.from_shape_and_storage(space, shape, storage,
storage_bytes=len(buf), dtype=dtype, w_base=w_object,
w_data = rffi.cast(RAW_STORAGE_PTR, space.int_w(space.call_method(w_buf, '_pypy_raw_address')))
except OperationError as e:
if e.match(space, space.w_ValueError):
return w_object
raise e
writable = not space.bool_w(space.getattr(w_buf, space.newbytes('readonly')))
w_ret = W_NDimArray.from_shape_and_storage(space, shape, w_data,
storage_bytes=buflen, dtype=dtype, w_base=w_object,
writable=writable, strides=strides)
if w_ret:
return w_ret
......@@ -187,6 +203,7 @@ def array(space, w_object, w_dtype=None, copy=True, w_order=None, subok=False,
def _array(space, w_object, w_dtype=None, copy=True, w_order=None, subok=False):
from pypy.module.micronumpy.boxes import W_GenericBox
# numpy testing calls array(type(array([]))) and expects a ValueError
if space.isinstance_w(w_object, space.w_type):
raise oefmt(space.w_ValueError, "cannot create ndarray from type instance")
......@@ -194,14 +211,17 @@ def _array(space, w_object, w_dtype=None, copy=True, w_order=None, subok=False):
dtype = descriptor.decode_w_dtype(space, w_dtype)
if not isinstance(w_object, W_NDimArray):
w_array = try_array_method(space, w_object, w_dtype)
if w_array is not None:
if w_array is None:
if ( not space.isinstance_w(w_object, space.w_str) and
not space.isinstance_w(w_object, space.w_unicode) and
not isinstance(w_object, W_GenericBox)):
# use buffer interface
w_object = _array_from_buffer_3118(space, w_object, dtype)
# continue with w_array, but do further operations in place
w_object = w_array
copy = False
dtype = w_object.get_dtype()
elif isinstance(w_object, W_MemoryView):
# use buffer interface
w_object = _array_from_buffer_3118(space, w_object, dtype)
if not isinstance(w_object, W_NDimArray):
w_array, _copy = try_interface_method(space, w_object, copy)
if w_array is not None:
......@@ -97,16 +97,7 @@ class TestNumpyJit(LLJitMixin):
print "ERROR: did not implement return type for interpreter"
raise TypeError(w_res)
if self.graph is not None:
from pypy.module.micronumpy import ctors
def unimplemented(*args):
"Only for W_MemoryView objects, which are not compiled in"
raise NotImplementedError
prev_3118 = ctors._array_from_buffer_3118
ctors._array_from_buffer_3118 = unimplemented
if self.graph is None:
interp, graph = self.meta_interp(f, [0],
......@@ -116,8 +107,6 @@ class TestNumpyJit(LLJitMixin):
self.__class__.interp = interp
self.__class__.graph = graph
ctors._array_from_buffer_3118 = prev_3118
def check_vectorized(self, expected_tried, expected_success):
profiler = get_profiler()
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