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Commit 25a2a42f authored by Alex Gaynor's avatar Alex Gaynor
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Actually set the attribute for the submodule on the parent module, fixes both that and importing.

parent 80c461c9a885
......@@ -31,11 +31,13 @@ class MixedModule(Module):
if hasattr(self, "submodules"):
name =
space =
name = space.unwrap(self.w_name)
for sub_name, module_cls in self.submodules.iteritems():
module_name ="%s.%s" % (name, sub_name))
m = module_cls(, module_name)
module_name = space.wrap("%s.%s" % (name, sub_name))
m = module_cls(space, module_name)
space.setitem(self.w_dict, space.wrap(sub_name), space.wrap(m))
def init(self, space):
"""This is called each time the module is imported or reloaded
......@@ -29,3 +29,29 @@ class TestMixedModule(object):
assert["test_module"] is m
assert isinstance(["test_module.sub"], SubModule)
class AppTestMixedModule(object):
def setup_class(cls):
space =
class SubModule(MixedModule):
interpleveldefs = {}
appleveldefs = {}
class Module(MixedModule):
interpleveldefs = {}
appleveldefs = {}
submodules = {
"sub": SubModule
m = Module(space, space.wrap("test_module"))
def test_attibute(self):
import test_module
assert hasattr(test_module, "sub")
def test_submodule_import(self):
from test_module import sub
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