Commit 49c2c117 authored by Armin Rigo's avatar Armin Rigo
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missing gc.collect()

branch : py3.5
parent 6f5a8cd7e3b2
......@@ -1003,12 +1003,11 @@ class A:
def __del__(self):
import gc; gc.collect()
rc, out, err = assert_python_ok("-c", code)
# note: "__main__" filename is not correct, it should be the name
# of the script
self.assertEqual(err, b'__main__:7: UserWarning: test')
self.assertEqual(err, b'-c:7: UserWarning: test')
def test_late_resource_warning(self):
# Issue #21925: Emitting a ResourceWarning late during the Python
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