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Commit 6a120a65 authored by Maciej Fijalkowski's avatar Maciej Fijalkowski
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allow negative offsets for now, should be reverted once we fix reporting

parent 05ceb71b63ac
......@@ -336,10 +336,10 @@ def import_log(logname, ParserCls=SimpleParser):
log = parse_log_file(logname)
addrs = {}
for entry in extract_category(log, 'jit-backend-addr'):
m ='bootstrap ([\da-f]+)', entry)
m ='bootstrap ([-\da-f]+)', entry)
if not m:
# a bridge
m ='has address ([\da-f]+)', entry)
m ='has address ([-\da-f]+)', entry)
addr = int(, 16)
entry = entry.lower()
m ='guard \d+', entry)
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