Commit 748559cd authored by wlav's avatar wlav
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extend support of templated methods

branch : cppyy-dev
parent 3d97f3c4624e
......@@ -1355,6 +1355,8 @@ class W_CPPClassDecl(W_CPPScopeDecl):
def _build_overloads(self):
assert len(self.overloads) == 0
methods_tmp = {}; ftype_tmp = {}
# add all ordinary methods (incl. pre-instantiated templates)
for idx in range(capi.c_num_methods(, self)):
cppmeth = capi.c_get_method(, self, idx)
if capi.c_is_constructor(, cppmeth):
......@@ -1372,6 +1374,7 @@ class W_CPPClassDecl(W_CPPScopeDecl):
ftype_tmp[pyname] |= self._make_cppfunction(pyname, cppmeth, methods)
if capi.c_method_is_template(, self, idx):
ftype_tmp[pyname] |= FUNCTION_IS_TEMPLATE
# the following covers the case where the only kind of operator[](idx)
# returns are the ones that produce non-const references; these can be
# used for __getitem__ just as much as for __setitem__, though
......@@ -1407,6 +1410,11 @@ class W_CPPClassDecl(W_CPPScopeDecl):
overload = W_CPPOverload(, self, methods[:])
self.overloads[pyname] = overload
# add placeholders for all non-instantiated templated methods
for idx in range(capi.c_get_num_templated_methods(, self)):
cppname = capi.c_get_templated_method_name(, self, idx)
self.overloads[cppname] = W_CPPTemplateOverload(, cppname, None, self, [])
def _make_cppfunction(self, pyname, cppmeth, funcs):
num_args = capi.c_method_num_args(, cppmeth)
args_required = capi.c_method_req_args(, cppmeth)
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