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Commit 75c74069 authored by Armin Rigo's avatar Armin Rigo
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Test and fix. It's relatively hard to hit the case on PyPy, but

if we managed to, it would be a potential obscure GC-related crash.
parent ac52eb7bbbb0
......@@ -316,7 +316,9 @@ class GcRewriterAssembler(object):
[ConstInt(kind), ConstInt(itemsize), v_length],
v_result, descr=arraydescr)
self.write_barrier_applied[v_result] = None
# don't record v_result into self.write_barrier_applied:
# it can be a large, young array with card marking, and then
# the GC relies on the write barrier being called
return True
def gen_malloc_nursery_varsize_frame(self, sizebox, v_result):
......@@ -719,6 +719,24 @@ class TestFramework(RewriteTests):
def test_initialization_store_potentially_large_array(self):
# the write barrier cannot be omitted, because we might get
# an array with cards and the GC assumes that the write
# barrier is always called, even on young (but large) arrays
[i0, p1, i2]
p0 = new_array(i0, descr=bdescr)
setarrayitem_gc(p0, i2, p1, descr=bdescr)
""", """
[i0, p1, i2]
p0 = call_malloc_nursery_varsize(0, 1, i0, descr=bdescr)
setfield_gc(p0, i0, descr=blendescr)
cond_call_gc_wb_array(p0, i2, descr=wbdescr)
setarrayitem_gc(p0, i2, p1, descr=bdescr)
def test_non_initialization_store(self):
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ def find_initializing_stores(collect_analyzer, graph):
if op.args[0] in mallocvars:
mallocvars[op.result] = True
elif op.opname in ("setfield", "setarrayitem", "setinteriorfield"):
# note that 'mallocvars' only tracks fixed-size mallocs,
# so no risk that they use card marking
TYPE = op.args[-1].concretetype
if (op.args[0] in mallocvars and
isinstance(TYPE, lltype.Ptr) and
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