Commit 89367842 authored by Matti Picus's avatar Matti Picus
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package more libraries to make curses work

parent 883f6c7d4239
#!/usr/bin/env python
bundle = ['sqlite3', 'ssl', 'crypto', 'ffi', 'expat', 'tcl', 'tk', 'gdbm', 'lzma', 'ncursesw', 'panelw', 'tinfow']
bundle = ['sqlite3', 'ssl', 'crypto', 'ffi', 'expat', 'tcl', 'tk', 'gdbm',
'lzma', 'tinfo', 'tinfow', 'ncursesw', 'panelw', 'ncurses', 'panel', 'panelw']
from os import chdir, mkdir, symlink
from os.path import dirname, relpath, join, exists, basename, realpath
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