Commit 955b5a0b authored by Greg Price's avatar Greg Price
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Configure Tddium

parent 9fcfef88e333
timeout: 1800
python_version: 2.7
pip_requirements_file: .tddium.requirements.txt # will go away soon
- type: pytest
mode: parallel
- pypy/**/test_*.py
- rpython/**/test_*.py
- exclude: pypy/module/test_lib_pypy/ctypes_tests/** # don't run in CPython
- exclude: rpython/jit/backend/cli/** # bitrotted AFAICT
- exclude: rpython/jit/backend/llvm/** # bitrotted AFAICT
# and things requiring a fix in Tddium, omitted to avoid confusion:
- exclude: pypy/tool/pytest/** # we're running upstream pytest
- exclude: rpython/rlib/unicodedata/test/ # need wide build
- exclude: rpython/rlib/test/ # need wide build
- exclude: rpython/rlib/test/ # not clear why fails
- exclude: pypy/module/cpyext/test/** # multiple failures due to truncated files; not clear why
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