Commit 9e9d7741 authored by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc's avatar Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
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unicode(encoding='x') returns the empty string u''.

This behavior is explicitly tested in py3.5.
parent 0d8bf1346514
......@@ -1163,9 +1163,8 @@ class AppTestUnicodeString:
assert type(unicode(z)) is unicode
assert unicode(z) == u'foobaz'
# two completely corner cases where we differ from CPython:
#assert unicode(encoding='supposedly_the_encoding') == u''
#assert unicode(errors='supposedly_the_error') == u''
assert unicode(encoding='supposedly_the_encoding') == u''
assert unicode(errors='supposedly_the_error') == u''
e = raises(TypeError, unicode, u'', 'supposedly_the_encoding')
assert str(e.value) == 'decoding Unicode is not supported'
e = raises(TypeError, unicode, u'', errors='supposedly_the_error')
......@@ -192,23 +192,20 @@ class W_UnicodeObject(W_Root):
return space.newlist_unicode(lst)
def descr_new(space, w_unicodetype, w_string, w_encoding=None,
def descr_new(space, w_unicodetype, w_string=None, w_encoding=None,
# NB. the default value of w_obj is really a *wrapped* empty string:
# there is gateway magic at work
w_obj = w_string
encoding, errors = _get_encoding_and_errors(space, w_encoding,
if encoding is None and errors is None:
# this is very quick if w_obj is already a w_unicode
w_value = unicode_from_object(space, w_obj)
if w_string is None:
w_value = W_UnicodeObject.EMPTY
elif encoding is None and errors is None:
# this is very quick if w_string is already a w_unicode
w_value = unicode_from_object(space, w_string)
if space.isinstance_w(w_obj, space.w_unicode):
if space.isinstance_w(w_string, space.w_unicode):
raise oefmt(space.w_TypeError,
"decoding Unicode is not supported")
w_value = unicode_from_encoded_object(space, w_obj,
w_value = unicode_from_encoded_object(space, w_string,
encoding, errors)
if space.is_w(w_unicodetype, space.w_unicode):
return w_value
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