Commit d0ed333e authored by Matti Picus's avatar Matti Picus
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create larger c files by indexing directories together (previously each file was seperate)

parent ab7250954435
......@@ -547,6 +547,8 @@ class SourceGenerator:
relpypath = localpath.relto(pypkgpath.dirname)
assert relpypath, ("%r should be relative to %r" %
(localpath, pypkgpath.dirname))
if len(relpypath.split(os.path.sep)) > 2:
return os.path.split(relpypath)[0] + '.c'
return relpypath.replace('.py', '.c')
return None
if hasattr(node.obj, 'graph'):
......@@ -123,9 +123,9 @@ class TestStandalone(StandaloneTests):
# Verify that the generated C files have sane names:
gen_c_files = [str(f) for f in cbuilder.extrafiles]
for expfile in ('rpython_rlib_rposix.c',
for expfile in ('rpython_rlib.c',
assert cbuilder.targetdir.join(expfile) in gen_c_files
def test_print(self):
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