Commit d33e2797 authored by Matti Picus's avatar Matti Picus
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Added tag release-pypy2.7-v7.3.11 for changeset 646866ee1eab

parent cf1186292fb7
......@@ -157,3 +157,4 @@ bc58732e1737279ed3f090ea3b8f95543893d40f release-pypy3.9-v7.3.10rc2
451ff45aeccbd4a02d379eb650aec7bcd2751c1e release-pypy2.7-v7.3.10
c20fe3f310f1d209d69a71d903dd17e5c3cf0de9 release-pypy3.8-v7.3.10
21401ebc2df332b6be6e3d364a985e951a72bbbd release-pypy3.9-v7.3.10
646866ee1eabe7bdbdc97b47a40b472991d571e9 release-pypy2.7-v7.3.11
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