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Commit d3bfcabe authored by Brian Kearns's avatar Brian Kearns
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remove whitespace changes

parent 56d81b413df8
......@@ -390,14 +390,13 @@ from __future__ import generators""")
mod.body[0].body[0].handlers[0].lineno = 7
mod.body[0].body[0].handlers[1].lineno = 6
code = compile(mod, "<test>", "exec")
def test_dict_astNode(self):
import ast
num_node = ast.Num(n=2, lineno=2, col_offset=3)
dict_res = num_node.__dict__
assert dict_res == {'n':2, 'lineno':2, 'col_offset':3}
def test_issue1673_Num_notfullinit(self):
import ast
import copy
......@@ -417,8 +416,6 @@ from __future__ import generators""")
dict_res = num_node2.__dict__
assert dict_res == {'n':2, 'lineno':2, 'col_offset':3}
def test_issue1673_Str(self):
import ast
import copy
......@@ -428,4 +425,3 @@ from __future__ import generators""")
str_node2 = copy.deepcopy(str_node)
dict_res = str_node2.__dict__
assert dict_res == {'n':2, 'lineno':2}
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