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      Jonathan should be mentioned with · e83b5d0a588e
      Holger Krekel authored
      the copyright holders because we are
      using some of his code or have modified
      some of his code (as far as i know which
      i don't fully do actually).
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      issue52 testing · 548a57b82b16
      Holger Krekel authored
      - shortened the LICENSE file to adjust to current copyright
        holders generated from makecontributor.py script.
        Some people were removed that explicitely said so
        or only did very minor contributions.
      - moved py lib's licensing info into its own py/LICENSE
      still there is some LICENSING info missing at least
      in module/unicodedata. Arre is currently looking into that.
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      issue52 testing · 194222cd5304
      Holger Krekel authored
      Added a first draft for a top-level LICENSE files, where the copyrights
      got computed by examining all committers (via svn log) on the pypy and
      py directories.   The list is currently ordered by number of commits.
      If desired i could extend the script and let it try to run "svn blame".
      It probably would give a somewhat more appropriate picture.
      Additionally i put a pseudo-LICENSE into the Pyrex directory
      (it was the only notice i could find from the Pyrex author).
      So the questions are (apart from the minor ordering issue):
      - do we want to reduce the list of PyPy copyright holders
      - are there any no included sub-projects that miss copyright
        statements or a LICENSE file?