rstrategies - A library for Storage Strategies

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rstrategies is a library to implement storage strategies in an RPython based VM. It was developed as part of my master's thesis "Allocation Removal in Modern Object-Oriented VMs". rstrategies has been integrated into RSqueak, Topaz and Pycket. The RSqueak-integration is the most mature. The Topaz and Pycket integration (and possibly more VMs) will be extended as future work.

The contains steps to integrate rstrategies in a VM. Please see the examples (links to RSqueak code) to see how the integration looks like. Since this library serves a rather "special" purpose, it is not enough to use API methods; it requires tighter integration with VM classes in the form of a metaclass, mixins and other meta-programming concepts.

Of course I am happy to answer any questions and do any modifications, including additional documentation.

Cheers, Anton

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