Add test showing issue with PyExc_StopIteration

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This test shows that, depending on how a StopIteration object is built in a C extension, the final result of an awaitable is visible or not at the python layer.

The exception is "raised" by calling PyExc_SetObject(PyExc_StopIteration, value). When "value" is an instance of PyExc_StopIteration that has already been constructed with a value (i.e., "PyObject_CallOneArg(PyExc_StopIteration, x)") then the exception is seen as expected, and the final value "x" is seen. However, when "value" is "x" itself, the python layer gets a None object instead. This difference in construction of exceptions in C extensions (normalised v/s non-normalised exceptions) works seamlesly in CPython, but doesn't in PyPy.

Note however that while developing this test and making it as minimal as possible, I played with a simpler C extension that had a generator, and using "yield from" from the python layer. That did work in both cases. This suggests that the issue is specific to how coroutines are handled in PyPy.

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