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......@@ -12,28 +12,54 @@ as a framework for managing existing password hashes. It's designed to be useful
for a wide range of tasks, from verifying a hash found in /etc/shadow, to
providing full-strength password hashing for multi-user application.
The latest documentation can be found online at `<>`_.
* See the `documentation <>`_
for details, installation instructions, and examples.
* Python 2.5 - 2.7 or Python 3.x
* `bcrypt <>`_, py-bcrypt, or bcryptor
(optional; required only if bcrypt support is needed)
* M2Crypto (optional; accelerates some PBKDF2-based hashes)
* See the `changelog <>`_
for a description of what's new in Passlib.
To install from source using ````::
* Visit `PyPI <>`_
for the latest stable release.
All releases are signed with the gpg key
`4CE1ED31 <>`_.
python install
* Additional questions about usage or features? Feel free to post on our
`mailing list <>`_.
For more detailed installation & testing instructions, see "docs/install.rst"
A quick example of using passlib to integrate into a new application::
>>> # import the context under an app-specific name (so it can easily be replaced later)
>>> from passlib.apps import custom_app_context as pwd_context
>>> # encrypting a password...
>>> hash = pwd_context.encrypt("somepass")
>>> hash
>>> # verifying a password...
>>> ok = pwd_context.verify("somepass", hash)
>>> ok = pwd_context.verify("letmein", hash)
For more details and an extended set of examples, see the full documentation;
This example barely touches on the range of features available.
Online Resources
* Homepage -
* Docs -
* Discussion -
* Documentation -
* Mailing list -
* Downloads -
* Source -
* Issues -
Passlib's source repository uses Mercurial. When building Passlib from an hg clone, note that there are two main branches: ``default`` and ``stable``.
* ``default`` is the bleeding edge of the next major release. It may sometimes be of alpha quality.
* ``stable`` is the latest released version plus any pending bugfixes, and should be safe to use in production.
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