1. 11 May, 2020 1 commit
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      docs: LARGE update to documentation, tutorials added, pages relocated · b9c5d5aeb7fb
      Eli Collins authored
      * moved a bunch of pages into 'docs/narr' narrative subsection.
        added placeholder pages in old locations, to minimize inbound link breakage.
      * split history into separate pages, was getting way too long.
        removed toplevel CHANGES file, not feasible under new structure.
      * passlib.ifc split into reference & tutorial portions,
        tutorial allowed subsuming a bunch of other hash-usage examples.
      * added standard fragments for warning about insecure hashes,
        added them to top of a LOT of hash doc pages.
      * updated references, various layout tweaks
  5. 09 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      pwd: updated to use EFF wordsets, updated some docstrings · b68651eef409
      Eli Collins authored
      * stripped out diceware & beale wordsets
      * replaced with EFF's cleaner wordsets
      * changed wordset loading strategy to be more zipfile friendly --
        _load_wordset() now takes in asset path, uses pkg_resources to resolve it.
      * added PhraseGenerator.register_wordset_path() helper
  6. 29 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      docs: large reorganization of documentation · 7505c89c62d0
      Eli Collins authored
      * reordering into 'narrative' and 'reference' sections,
        to take advantage of 'fulltoc' extension making
        all pages visible in sidebar.
      * styling updates, requires latest cloud_sptheme
      * wording improvements to various bits of content
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  8. 10 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      relocated many of the crypto routes inside passlib.utils, · 06d9a8feffe5
      Eli Collins authored
      and moved them to a separate passlib.crypto subpackage.
      along with this move, made a few api cleanups:
      * unified all code that's looking up hashes
        to use new passlib.crypto.lookup_hash() wrapper, which takes
        care of hash name normalization, loading fallback implementations,
        and alg metadata inspection, all hidden behind a memoized function.
      * deprecated pbkdf2() in favor of pbkdf2_hmac() -- only real use,
        and new signature matches stdlib function.  additionally,
        this version is a bit faster, due to some assumptions that
        can be made due to the PRF always being HMAC based.
      * added compile_hmac() helper which does an even more efficient
        job of pre-compiling a keyed HMAC function; this helped speed up pbkdf2 a bit more.
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      removed pure-python bcrypt implementation, wasn't fast enough to be usuable,... · 5211db139659
      Eli Collins authored
      removed pure-python bcrypt implementation, wasn't fast enough to be usuable, and probably never will be.
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      documentation updates · e95a551f4d19
      Eli Collins authored
      * CryptContext docs finished
      * README / LICENSE updated
      * license text changed to correct BSD wording
      * embarassingly, the history.rst is kinda off about release versions.
        tried to make it give readers better outline.
      * misc doc updates
      * some handler names (eg: 'context', 'all') now forbidden by register_crypt_handler()
      * bumped setup.cfg to b1