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      docs: LARGE update to documentation, tutorials added, pages relocated · b9c5d5aeb7fb
      Eli Collins authored
      * moved a bunch of pages into 'docs/narr' narrative subsection.
        added placeholder pages in old locations, to minimize inbound link breakage.
      * split history into separate pages, was getting way too long.
        removed toplevel CHANGES file, not feasible under new structure.
      * passlib.ifc split into reference & tutorial portions,
        tutorial allowed subsuming a bunch of other hash-usage examples.
      * added standard fragments for warning about insecure hashes,
        added them to top of a LOT of hash doc pages.
      * updated references, various layout tweaks
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  6. 10 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      .encrypt() method renamed to .hash(), other api cleanups · 1f7421b35b75
      Eli Collins authored
      hash.encrypt() & context.encrypt() have been renamed to .hash().
      this should take care of the long-standing issue 21 (the poor naming of .encrypt).
      per docs, legacy aliases will remain in place until passlib 2.0.
      .genhash() / .genconfig()
      taking advantage of this reorganization to also deprecate .genconfig()
      and .genhash() -- they're not really useful in a modern system,
      nor as needed for historical support as initially thought:
      .genconfig() will be retired completely in passlib 2.0;
      .genhash() is rolled into the new .hash() method along with .encrypt().
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      bunch of bcrypt updates, centered around the bsd wraparound bug. · 7adbe5f07f56
      Eli Collins authored
      * added support & UT for $2b$ hash format.
        not making it the default yet, for backward compat.
      * large refactor of how bcrypt backends are loaded:
        instead of per-backend workarounds within each _calc_checksum_<backend>()
        function: now using runtime detection of specific capabilities & workarounds,
        that runs whenever set_backend() is called, combined with consolidated
        workaround code within _calc_checksum(), controlled by the flags
        set by set_backend().
        this detection now looks for:
          - the 8bit bug: throws a PasslibSecurityError
          - the wraparound bug: issues warning, sets flag enabling a workaround.
          - support for 2/2y/2b: if backend lacks support for particular variants,
            sets flag enabling workaround to add support.
      * os_crypt backend now just issues error if it can't handle a password encoding;
        rather than trying fallbacks first -- edge case anyways, and likely
        to not have any fallbacks when it does happen. simplifies backend code.
      * added UTs to make sure wraparound-vulnerable passwords are hashed correctly
        (as a 72char string, not a 1-3 char string that's repeated).
      * internal blowfish code's ident parsing clarified.
      * added exc.PasslibSecurityError for fatal runtime errors.
      * test framework: os_crypt backends no longer expected to use
        *any* backend as fallback, just ones with lower priority than os_crypt.
      * test framework: crypt_stub() wrapper now subclasses the handler,
        so it can use an independant backend, instead of changing global
        backend for duration of call (made parallel testing hard)
      * added entry to bcrypt page, writing down wraparound bug details,
        and how passlib is handling it.
      * all versions of pybcrypt & bcryptor seem to be vulnerable to wraparound bug.
        starting process of deprecating these backends: marked bcrypt backend
        as 'preferred' throughout the documentation.
      branch : stable
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      installation updates · 8524814ff5f4
      Eli Collins authored
      * updated install instructions to account for python 3 support
      * removed dependancy on distribute/setuptools:
          - no longer using find_packages()
          - using build_py_2to3 cmdclass as fallback if distribute's use_2to3 not available
      * some tweaks to make "setup.py test" work properly
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      documentation updates · e95a551f4d19
      Eli Collins authored
      * CryptContext docs finished
      * README / LICENSE updated
      * license text changed to correct BSD wording
      * embarassingly, the history.rst is kinda off about release versions.
        tried to make it give readers better outline.
      * misc doc updates
      * some handler names (eg: 'context', 'all') now forbidden by register_crypt_handler()
      * bumped setup.cfg to b1
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      documentation work · 9a43eb4d379f
      Eli Collins authored
      * finished password hash api description
      * various documentation cleanups
      * removed unused quickstart doc
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