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Add help text about price selection of product

Closes #8950
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......@@ -55,8 +55,10 @@
('product_default', "Product Default"),
], "Unit", required=True,
help="The unit in which the quantity is expressed.")
lines = fields.One2Many('product.price_list.line', 'price_list', 'Lines',
help="Add price formulas for different criterias.")
lines = fields.One2Many(
'product.price_list.line', 'price_list', "Lines",
help="Add price formulas for different criteria.\n"
"The first matching line is used.")
def default_company():
......@@ -280,8 +280,10 @@
name = fields.Char("Name", translate=True)
code = fields.Char("Code")
prices = fields.One2Many('purchase.product_supplier.price',
'product_supplier', 'Prices')
prices = fields.One2Many(
'purchase.product_supplier.price', 'product_supplier', "Prices",
help="Add price for different criteria.\n"
"The last matching line is used.")
company = fields.Many2One(
'', "Company",
required=True, ondelete='CASCADE')
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