Commit 5a6e9ae3 authored by waider's avatar waider

* sync with master CVS

  - typo in docstring for bbdb-record-ftp-site
  - allow specification of user & directory, ange-ftp or url style.
parent 544ab4e49c8c
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
(defun-bbdb-raw-notes-accessor ftp-user)
(defun bbdb-record-ftp-site (record)
"Acessor Function. Returns the ftp-site field of the BBDB record or nil."
"Accessor Function. Returns the ftp-site field of the BBDB record or nil."
(let* ((name (bbdb-record-name record))
(ftp-pfx-regexp (concat bbdb-ftp-site-name-designator-prefix " *"))
......@@ -143,27 +143,42 @@ or update the hashtables, but does insure that there will not be name
(bbdb-records) ; make sure database is loaded
(if bbdb-readonly-p (error "The Insidious Big Brother Database is read-only."))
(let (site)
(let (site dir user)
(setq site (bbdb-read-string "Ftp Site: "))
;; try and parse it out, in case the user typed in things like
;; "ftp://user@site/directory/ or /user@site/directory
(if (string-match
(setq user (if (match-beginning 2)
(substring site (match-beginning 2)
(match-end 2)))
dir (if (match-beginning 4)
(substring site (match-beginning 4)
(match-end 4)))
site (substring site (match-beginning 3)
(match-end 3)))
(if (string-match "/" site)
(error "%s doesn't look like a valid site name." site)))
(setq site (concat bbdb-ftp-site-name-designator-prefix site))
(if (and bbdb-no-duplicates-p
(bbdb-gethash (downcase site)))
(error "%s is already in the database" site))))
(let* ((dir (bbdb-read-string "Ftp Directory: "
(user (bbdb-read-string "Ftp Username: "
(company (bbdb-read-string "Company: "))
(notes (bbdb-read-string "Additional Comments: "))
(names (bbdb-divide-name site))
(firstname (car names))
(lastname (nth 1 names)))
(let* ((dir (or dir (bbdb-read-string "Ftp Directory: "
(user (or user (bbdb-read-string "Ftp Username: "
(company (bbdb-read-string "Company: "))
(notes (bbdb-read-string "Additional Comments: "))
(names (bbdb-divide-name site))
(firstname (car names))
(lastname (nth 1 names)))
(if (string= user bbdb-default-ftp-user) (setq user nil))
(if (string= company "") (setq company nil))
(if (or (string= dir bbdb-default-ftp-dir) (string= dir ""))
(setq dir nil))
(setq dir nil))
(if (string= notes "") (setq notes nil))
(let ((record
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