Commit a0db8de0 authored by Henry S Thompson's avatar Henry S Thompson

override broken-in-XEmacs defn of bbdb-file-coding-system

parent d52f24143ff6
2021-01-04 root <>
* lisp/bbdb-xemacs.el: (bbdb-file-coding-system): Replaced Emacs-specifics
The version in bbdb.el always fails in XEmacs
2014-05-15 Norbert Koch <>
* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.34 released.
......@@ -110,4 +110,25 @@ They are stored in `sound-alist' as touchtone0 to touchtone11."
(featurep 'native-sound))
;;; HST rewrote this removing the works-in-Emacs-only coding-system-p
;;; and the Emacs-preferred utf-8-emacs which
;;; is not defined in XEmacs -- there may well be a better way...
(defconst bbdb-file-coding-system
;; Note that in XEmacs, coding-system-p is _not_ right, it checks
;; for the coding-system struct...
(if (fboundp 'find-coding-system)
(let ((utf-8 (or
(cdr (assq system-type
'((linux . utf-8-unix)
(cygwin32 . utf-8-unix)
(cygwin64 . utf-8-unix)
(windows-nt . utf-8-dos))))
(cond ((find-coding-system utf-8) utf-8)
;; (t 'iso-2022-7bit) -- bad idea, loses idempotence for e.g. Chinese
(t 'iso-2022-8) ; hope this is better, not tested
"Coding system used for reading and writing `bbdb-file'.
This should not be changed by users.")
(provide 'bbdb-xemacs)
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