Commit f7d10ed2 authored by Norbert Koch's avatar Norbert Koch

Added tag bbdb-1_33 for changeset 680fa46c8981

parent 680fa46c8981
......@@ -74,3 +74,4 @@ f33182db42e48dfa6cc0292d38da53cce7a91ad1 xemacs-sumo-2001-07-08
7ba063bfe2b3f3f190fc2237a3bacda61aa0eae9 sumo-2003-02-05
39d2a6b2a130631ee2ae422427c2d4c4060db95c sumo-2006-05-10
4384f7c8b451ecea0bd6c9afcc3a154dec5ca537 sumo-2007-04-27
680fa46c8981318aa76dab3b7c0f412a3cf851ec bbdb-1_33
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