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      packages: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs · fef7e4e6fd8a
      adrian authored
      -------------------- ChangeLog entries follow: --------------------
      unsupported/simon/asn1/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* asn1-mode.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      	* asn1-mode.el (asn1-data-xemacs-p): Ditto.
      xemacs-packages/bbdb/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-xemacs.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/debug/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* pdb.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/eieio/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* compare-strings.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      	* eieio-comp.el (eieio-byte-compile-princ-code): Ditto.
      xemacs-packages/ess/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* lisp/ess-inf.el (inferior-ess-mode-map): It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/ess/texi/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* newfeat.texi: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/hm--html-menus/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* README (Note): It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/ilisp/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* docs/ilisp-refcard.tex:  It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* HISTORY (Version):
      	* cl-ilisp.lisp:
      xemacs-packages/jde/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* lisp/jde-java-font-lock.el (jde-setup-syntax-coloring): It's
      	XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/mailcrypt/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* ChangeLog: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      	* INSTALL: Ditto.
      	* NEWS: Ditto.
      xemacs-packages/mew/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* mew/contrib/mew-toolbar-frame.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* mew/00changes: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/prog-modes/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* ksh-mode.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      	* php-mode.el: Ditto.
      	* php-mode.el (php-mode): Ditto.
      	* php-mode.el (php-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): Ditto.
      xemacs-packages/speedbar/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* dframe.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/text-modes/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* folding.el: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/zenirc/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* doc/zenirc.ascii: It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      xemacs-packages/zenirc/src/ChangeLog addition:
      2002-07-15  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* zenirc.el (zenirc-update-modeline): It's XEmacs, not Xemacs.
      	* zenirc.el (zenirc-self-insert-or-send-privmsg-last-rec): Ditto.
      	* zenirc.el (zenirc-self-insert-or-send-privmsg-last-sent): Ditto.
  9. 27 Jun, 2002 1 commit
  10. 13 Jun, 2002 1 commit
  11. 25 Mar, 2002 1 commit
  12. 22 Mar, 2002 1 commit
  13. 21 Mar, 2002 1 commit
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      Adrian's mega typo patch, plus · 67e571a10be3
      youngs authored
      2002-03-18  Adrian Aichner  <>
      	* pcl-cvs-parse.el (cvs-parse-ignored-messages): Ignore messages
      	from cvswrapper server.
  14. 23 Feb, 2002 1 commit
  15. 22 Feb, 2002 1 commit
  16. 13 Feb, 2002 1 commit
  17. 12 Feb, 2002 1 commit
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      2002-02-13 Steve Youngs <> · 7f60228ac8eb
      youngs authored
      	* Sync to BBDB 2.34.
      	* lisp/bbdb-sc.el (bbdb-insinuate-sc): Autoload it.
      2002-01-15  Waider  <>
      	* testing/bbdb-test.el:
      	  New file
      	* bits/make.bat:
      	  Merged in some changes from the mailing list. Note, this is
      	  still experimental.
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el:
      	  Don't fset things that aren't ours
      	  Last of compiler warning cleanup
      	  Fixed one more completion bug
      2002-01-14  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-hooks.el:
      	  Conditionalise the rmail load
      	* lisp/bbdb-gui.el:
      	  Make X/Emacs compatibility less intrusive
      2002-01-13  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-hooks.el:
      	  Don't force VM on people, even if it is a great mailer...
      2002-01-10  Waider  <>
      	* bbdb-com.el:
      	  Last few fixes (hopefully) to completion
      	* lisp/bbdb-snarf.el:
      	  Make bbdb-rfc822-addresses the default address parser
      	  Remove test-harness code to elsewhere (i.e. not in user code!)
      	* lisp/bbdb.el:
      	  Changed the workaround for set-keymap-prompt, as it seemed to be
      	  clashing with VM. Ideally, all this Emacs/XEmacs stuff should go
      	  in a separate file, or at least all in one part of bbdb.el.
      2002-01-06  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-xemacs.el, lisp/bbdb-srv.el, lisp/bbdb-sc.el,
      	  lisp/bbdb-gui.el, lisp/bbdb-ftp.el, lisp/bbdb-com.el,
      	  lisp/bbdb-hooks.el, lisp/bbdb-w3.el, lisp/bbdb.el,
      	Compiler cleanup
      2002-01-04  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-snarf.el (bbdb-extract-address-component-regexps):
      	Replaced the call of bbdb-clean-username bt a call to
      	mail-extract-address-components in order to handle addresses of
      	the form "Lastname, Firstname" and "Firstname Lastname, Jr" in the
      	right way.
      	(bbdb-test/bbdb-extract-address-components): New test function to
      	check if everything is working as it should.
      2002-01-03  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-name): fixed cycling when the
      	current completion is equal to one of the nets.
      	Added code for C-u M-TAB which lists all possible nets of current
      	completed addess.
      2002-01-01  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-name):
      	Two fixes based on further testing with completion-type.
      2001-12-27  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el
      	Correctly handle case where no records are selected
      	Whoops. Small logic error in cycling code
      	* lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-send-mail-style),
      	  lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-send-mail-internal):
      	Add Mew as an option for bbdb-send-mail-style
      2001-12-27  Jeff Bigler  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-phone-area-regexp):
      	Allow / and . as separators when parsing a phone number.
      2001-12-26  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-name):
      	Mostly rewritten to consolidate the last four years(!) of code
      	* lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-search-intertwingle):
      	New function. More stringent version of bbdb-search-simple,
      	intended for internal bbdb use only
      2001-12-10  Karl Fogel <>
      	* bbdb.texinfo
      	(Mail Sending Interfaces):
      	Use `add-hook' instead of `setq' in the examples, so users won't
      	clobber existing hooks.
      	(Known Bugs):
      	Reference mailing lists, as is done in other places where the
      	`bbdb-info' list is mentioned.
      2001-11-19  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-format-address):
      	Several people contributed a patch to fix this. Alex Schroeder's
            	  was the most general as it handles both printing and
      	  non-printing situations.
      	* lisp/bbdb-print.el
      	Some more fixes from Alex.
      2001-11-12  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-snarf.el (bbdb-extract-address-component-regexps):
      	Allow '+' as part of an email address
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-name-allow-cycling):
      	Documentation fix
      	Removed dead code
      	* lisp/bbdb.el
      	Try to autoload the message-mode and mail-mode keymaps rather than
      	defining them as nil.
      2001-11-11  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-vm.el (bbdb/vm-set-auto-folder-alist-field):
      	Move into mua-specific group
      	Documentation typo
      2001-11-06  Waider  <>
      	* texinfo/bbdb.texinfo (Mail Sending Interfaces):
      	Mention message-setup-hook in the mail aliases section
      	(Raymond Scholz)
      2001-10-14  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-gnus.el
      	Move the call to bbdb-display-records back inside the (when...)
      	I had two bug reports for this (Sudesh Joseph and Michael
      	* lisp/bbdb.el:
      	Added Nix's patch to make inside-bbdb-notice-hook work as
      	advertised, also other bbdb-expire support.
      	Try company name if record name is unset, before falling back to
      	"". (Martin Schwenke)
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el
      	Restored the original code to handle making sure primary addresses
      	get picked first, since the code I'd replaced it with had some
      	dubious side-effects.
      	Documentation fix. (Ueli Schläpfer)
      2001-09-20  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-create-hook), (bbdb-notice-hook):
      	Added a note that hook functions might use the new variables
      	bbdb-update-address-class and bbdb-update-address-header to obtain
      	information about the currently processed email address.
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-get-addresses-headers): merged
      	bbdb-get-addresses-from-headers  and bbdb-get-addresses-to-headers
      	into this variable.
      	(bbdb-get-addresses): new generic function for extraction of email
      	addresses from header, which is used by Gnus and VM
      	(bbdb-update-address-class), (bbdb-update-address-header): new
      	variable providing additional information to hook functions about
      	the currently processed email address.
      	* lisp/bbdb-gnus.el (bbdb/gnus-update-records): uses
      	bbdb-get-addresses instead of bbdb/gnus-get-addresses which was
      	(bbdb/gnus-show-sender), (bbdb/gnus-show-all-recipients),
      	(bbdb/gnus-show-records): modified to use new style of
      	* lisp/bbdb-vm.el (bbdb/vm-get-header-content): VM specific header
      	extraction function.
      	(bbdb/vm-update-records): bbdb-get-addresses instead of
      	bbdb/vm-get-addresses which was removed.
      	(bbdb/vm-show-sender), (bbdb/vm-show-records): modified to use new
      	style of bbdb-get-addresses-headers
      	* lisp/bbdb-hooks.el (bbdb-auto-notes-alist): Additional element
      	type to allow actions also on recipients of an message
      	(bbdb-auto-notes-hook): Fixed to perfom auto-note actions only for
      	authors of a message.  Support for new features of
      	bbdb-auto-notes-alist.  Honor bbdb-silent-running.
      2001-09-18  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-snarf.el (bbdb-rfc822-addresses):
      	Cope with rfc822-addresses returning nil as the car.
      2001-09-11  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-print.el (bbdb-print-field-shown-p): Added as a
      	replacement for bbdb-field-shown-p.
      	(bbdb-print-omit-fields): Added as a replacement for
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-get-addresses-headers):
      	bbdb-auto-notes-alist does not know if a address comes form a
      	author or recipient of a message and therefore might update wrong
      	records, e.g. the organization of recipients to that of the
      	Therfore the default is now bbdb-get-addresses-from-headers until
      	the hook functions are able to tell the type (author/recp) of an
      2001-09-09  Waider  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-gui.el:
      	Fixed bogus fset (fsetting variable instead of 'variable)
      	use bbdb-find-face, not find-face
      	* lisp/bbdb.el
      	Fixed vm entry. vm-load-hook no longer exists!
      	Removed references to bbdb-elide-record
      2001-09-05  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-name-hooks): Fixed the
      	(bbdb-get-only-first-address-p): fixed the default value, which
      	should have been t
      2001-09-04  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-annotate-message-sender): calling of
      	bbdb-create-hook functions moved to the end of function
      	(bbdb-display-layout-alist): replaced by the nice version
      	provided by Alex Schroeder <>
      2001-08-31  Robert Fenk  <>
      	* lisp/bbdb-hooks.el (bbdb-auto-notes-alist): applied posted
      	patch of better customization.
      	* lisp/bbdb-srv.el, lisp/bbdb-rmail.el, lisp/bbdb-mhe.el,
      	lisp/bbdb-vm.el, lisp/bbdb-gnus.el, lisp/bbdb.el,
      	lisp/bbdb-com.el: replaced occureneces of bbdb-elided-display and
      	* lisp/bbdb-gui.el (build-bbdb-menu): Fix menus to use new display
      	layout toggeling functions.
      	* lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-change-records-state-and-redisplay),
      	(bbdb-display-record-completely): modified functions for toggeling
      	the display layout of records.  Old functions bbdb-elide-record
      	and bbdb-unelide-records have been removed.
      	* lisp/bbdb.el
      	(bbdb-display-layout-alist): variable controling options for
      	display layouts, support for user defines format functions still
      	(bbdb-display-layout): variable controling the default display layout
      	(bbdb-pop-up-display-layout): variable controling  the default display
      	layout for pop-up buffers.
      	(bbdb-elided-display), (bbdb-pop-up-elided-display): are obsolete
      	variables now.
      	(bbdb-elided-display-sanity-setup): function which sets up the
      	layout variables from the obsolete bbdb-elided-display and
      	bbdb-pop-up-elided-display variables.  Might be removed along with
      	the variables in the future.
      	(bbdb-format-record): rewitten to support multiple
      	layouts according to bbdb-display-layout-alist
      	(bbdb-format-record-one-line-*): Function specific to certain
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  26. 02 Jul, 2001 2 commits
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      Sync BBDB to version 2.32 · f33182db42e4
      youngs authored
      Add ibuffer.el and search-buffers.el to edit-utils
      Sync Eicq to version 0.2.14
      Sync ilisp to version 5.11.1
      Sync mailcrypt to version 3.5.6
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      Increment version. · 8a668bcf9304
      youngs authored
  27. 11 May, 2001 1 commit
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      * ./xemacs-packages/Makefile: New. · 9981cb7b0d81
      youngs authored
      * ./xemacs-packages/*/Makefile (CATEGORY): Change to "standard".
      * package-compile.el (package-directory-map): Re-organise.  There are
      now only 2 categories, "xemacs-packages" & "mule-packages".  Also, put
      them into alphabetical order.
      * Makefile (SUBDIRS): The sub directories are now 'xemacs-packages' &
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