Commit 09ca331e authored by Jesse McGrew's avatar Jesse McGrew
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Fix ZIP file creation on Linux.

parent 488687db5005
......@@ -21,10 +21,18 @@
<Copy SourceFiles="@(ZipFiles)" DestinationFolder="$(ZipStageDir)\%(RecursiveDir)" />
<ZipDirectory SourceDirectory="$(ZipStageDir)"
The ZipDirectory task doesn't set file permissions. Linux's unzip command checks the OS the ZIP was
created on, so if we use ZipDirectory to build a ZIP on Linux, they'll be extracted with mode 000.
<ZipDirectory Condition=" '$(OS)' != 'Unix' "
Overwrite="true" />
<!--<Zip Files="@(ZipFiles)" ZipFileName="$(PackageDir)\zilf-$(PackageVersion).zip" WorkingDirectory="$(StageDir)" />-->
<Exec Condition=" '$(OS)' == 'Unix' "
Command="chmod -R u=rwX,go=rX .; chmod -R a+x bin; zip -r $(ZipOutputFile) ." />
<RemoveDir Directories="$(ZipStageDir)" />
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