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Commit 426948b3 authored by Jesse McGrew's avatar Jesse McGrew

Updated makedist.bat to create a .zip named after the version.

parent 426e0dc82cd1
<COND (<==? .C !\ > !\-)
(<AND <G=? .A %<ASCII !\A>>
<L=? .A %<ASCII !\Z>>>
<ASCII <+ .A %<- <ASCII !\a> <ASCII !\A>>>>)
(ELSE .C)>>
@echo off
set zip7="C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe"
if not exist zilf\bin\release\zilf.exe goto missing
if not exist zapf\bin\release\zapf.exe goto missing
rd /s /q dist
mkdir dist
mkdir dist\bin
mkdir dist\doc
mkdir dist\library
mkdir dist\sample
mkdir dist\sample\advent
copy distfiles\README.txt dist
for /f %%n in ('zilf\bin\release\zilf.exe -x DistFiles\distname.mud') do (
set distname=%%n
set dist=dist\%distname%
mkdir %dist%
mkdir %dist%\bin
mkdir %dist%\doc
mkdir %dist%\library
mkdir %dist%\sample
mkdir %dist%\sample\advent
copy distfiles\README.txt %dist%
copy zilf\bin\release\Antlr3.Runtime.dll dist\bin
copy distfiles\AntlrLicense.txt dist\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.exe dist\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.emit.dll dist\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.common.dll dist\bin
copy COPYING.txt dist\bin
copy zapf\bin\release\zapf.exe dist\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\Antlr3.Runtime.dll %dist%\bin
copy distfiles\AntlrLicense.txt %dist%\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.exe %dist%\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.emit.dll %dist%\bin
copy zilf\bin\release\zilf.common.dll %dist%\bin
copy COPYING.txt %dist%\bin
copy zapf\bin\release\zapf.exe %dist%\bin
copy zilf_manual.html dist\doc
copy zapf_manual.html dist\doc
copy zilf\quickref.txt dist\doc
copy zilf_manual.html %dist%\doc
copy zapf_manual.html %dist%\doc
copy zilf\quickref.txt %dist%\doc
copy library\*.zil dist\library
copy library\*.mud dist\library
copy library\LICENSE.txt dist\library
copy library\ZIL_ZILF_differences.txt dist\library
copy library\*.zil %dist%\library
copy library\*.mud %dist%\library
copy library\LICENSE.txt %dist%\library
copy library\ZIL_ZILF_differences.txt %dist%\library
copy examples\*.zil dist\sample
copy examples\advent\*.zil dist\sample\advent
copy examples\*.zil %dist%\sample
copy examples\advent\*.zil %dist%\sample\advent
del /s dist\*~
del /s %dist%\*~
if not exist %zip7% goto missing7z
pushd dist
%zip7% a %distname%
exit /b 0
echo Can't find compiled program files.
exit /b 1
echo Can't find 7-Zip. Not zipping.
exit /b 2
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