Commit a335e8e1 authored by Jesse McGrew's avatar Jesse McGrew

Fix bug in ZWSTR test that was masked by a bug in ZLR's implementation.

The ZLR bug was fixed in zlr@8da60fa007f1.
parent 8af59753879e
......@@ -2594,7 +2594,7 @@ namespace Zilf.Tests.Integration
// V5 to V6
// 4 operands
AssertRoutine("", "<ZWSTR ,SRCBUF 5 1 ,DSTBUF> <PRINTB ,DSTBUF>")
AssertRoutine("", "<ZWSTR ,SRCBUF 5 0 ,DSTBUF> <PRINTB ,DSTBUF>")
.WithGlobal("<GLOBAL SRCBUF <TABLE (STRING) \"hello\">>")
.WithGlobal("<GLOBAL DSTBUF <TABLE 0 0 0>>")
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