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Commit e2709285 authored by Jesse McGrew's avatar Jesse McGrew
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Implemented substring search functionality for MEMBER. (Thanks to Roman Bartke.)

parent 26c0b4e85c46
......@@ -303,6 +303,20 @@ namespace Zilf.Interpreter
public static ZilObject MEMBER(Context ctx, [NotNull] ZilObject needle, [NotNull] IStructure haystack)
if (needle.PrimType == PrimType.STRING && ((ZilObject)haystack).PrimType == PrimType.STRING)
string n = ((ZilString)needle.GetPrimitive(ctx)).Text;
if (n != "")
string h = ((ZilString)((ZilObject)haystack).GetPrimitive(ctx)).Text;
int pos = h.IndexOf(n, StringComparison.Ordinal);
if (pos >= 0)
return (ZilObject)haystack.GetRest(pos) ?? ctx.FALSE;
return PerformMember(ctx, needle, haystack, (a, b) => a.StructurallyEquals(b));
......@@ -69,6 +69,33 @@ namespace Zilf.Tests.Interpreter
new ZilVector(new ZilList(new ZilObject[] { new ZilFix(5) }), new ZilFix(6), new ZilFix(7)));
// MEMBER should do substring searches:
// "PARTS"
public void TestMEMBER_Substring()
var ctx = new Context();
TestHelpers.EvalAndAssert(ctx, "<MEMBER \"PART\" \"SUM OF PARTS\">", ZilString.FromString("PARTS"));
TestHelpers.EvalAndAssert(ctx, "<MEMBER \"Ham\" \"I am Hamster\">", ZilString.FromString("Hamster"));
TestHelpers.EvalAndAssert(ctx, "<MEMBER \"\" \"Hamster\">", ctx.FALSE);
TestHelpers.EvalAndAssert(ctx, "<SET X \"a|bc\"> <==? <MEMBER \"|\" .X> <REST .X>>", ctx.TRUE);
// should work for newtypes with primtype STRING also
ZilString.FromString("MEMBER YOU"));
// we can't pass a string as the second argument...
// TODO: sort out the inconsistency with [F]SUBR being primtype STRING but non-structured
ctx.RegisterType(ZilAtom.Parse("FOO", ctx), PrimType.STRING);
"<MEMBER \"EM\" #FOO \"MEMQ\">",
public void TestILIST()
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