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Bitbucket Importer requested to merge bitbucket/merged-pr-41 into branch/default

Created originally on Bitbucket by calpe (Miguel Calpe)

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  • Not running with params.init_fields.type=from_file.
  • params.ONLY_COARSE_OPER = False if params.ONLY_COARSE_OPER
  • New output class FrequencySpectra
  • Test output frequency spectra in sequential and mpi.
  • Change to include output FrequencySpectra.
  • Clean up module
  • Debug tmin=None for modules and
  • New function plot_summary in
  • New parameter in class tcrandom_anisotropic to force kz negative.
  • Solved bug idkx_dealiasing in
  • Scripts for output ns2d.strat.
  • Merged heads.
  • Solved bug function load_state_phys_file.
  • Change ky for kz.
  • Plots hypo-viscosity only if exists.
  • Scaling lines in module
  • Scripts output.
  • Sign in computation of ap_fft and am_fft.
  • Check direction propagation linear mode
  • Spectrum_kykx.
  • Working spectra kykx.
  • Changes
  • Start working module
  • Improve script to compute spectrum ky kx
  • Function plot module
  • Change variables names.

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