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FluidSHT and first working implementation of sphere.sw1l solver

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  • Doc: basilisk and sphericalharmo and new function pkgload

  • Help tracing corrupted lines in spatial_means.json

  • Don't try to install pyfftw 0.11.1

  • Debug output base class pdf

  • Add extras fluidsht

  • Bare bones spherical sw1l solver

    Start using fluidsht

    Move get_qmat cachedjit -> cached_property

    Changes in base class to allow for sphere.sw1l solver

    Minor improvements in sw1l solver and esp. state -> reuse statephys_from_statespect

    First implmentation of sphere.sw1l solver following GFDL/NOAA docs

    CFL criterion seems to be buggy, otherwise it is OK with hardcoded timestep

    Begin setup initial conditions for galewsky et al.

    Reimplement Galewsky et al test case, spot a few degree-radian conversion mistakes

    Lat-Lon in radians, use shorter timestep to respect CFL criterion

    Add fluidsht to tox

    Featureless implementation of get_grid1d_seq and Movies2DSphericalHarmo for spherical solvers

    Debug and visualize initial fields of Galewsky et al

    Cleanup galewsky script, correct nu_8(?), add TODO notes

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