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Merged with fluiddyn/fluidsim

Bitbucket Importer requested to merge bitbucket/merged-pr-9 into branch/default

Created originally on Bitbucket by calpe (Miguel Calpe)

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  • Find resolution from path.e
  • Solved bug write into file results.txt.
  • Make black.
  • Simulation from stationarity state.
  • Plot value kfx and kfz in spect_energy_budget.
  • Fix bug name path_run.
  • Save temporal results for cluster.
  • .
  • Commit merge + scripts submit legi.
  • Library argparse for fluidsim/scripts/ns2d.strat
  • Add parameter cfl_coef_group.
  • Add try to skip bugs when use load_state_phys_file.
  • Factor 2pi in omega_af.
  • Plot frequency spectra from a individual mode.
  • Implement tmax=None in spect_energy_budget and spectra.
  • Implement coef_group=None in time_stepping.
  • Scripts to compute and plot buoyancy Reynolds and horizontal Froude.
  • Changes scripts/ns2d.strat

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